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MoD response to 'Substandard food served to military' petition

The Government has published its response to the petition to 'Investigate the standard of food served to the military and Sodexo services'. It says that "As part of our commitment to ensuring the standard of food provided, the Army have appointed David Morgan-Hewitt, Managing Director of The Goring hotel in London, as their honorary catering advisor." Mr Morgan-Hewitt appears much respected in his industry, but this is not a new appointment as might be thought. The post has existed for many years and he has held it for some time, in the honorary rank of major-general. 

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Army Servicewomen's Network Annual Conference 2016

The Army Servicewomen’s Network (ASN), a network that seeks to support, inspire and develop Army Servicewomen, is holding its annual conference on Tuesday 21 June 2016, 8am to 5:30pm at the Tidworth Garrison Theatre. The conference is open to women and men of all ranks, Regular or Reserve.

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AFPRB: personnel 'losing trust in their employer'

The Armed Forces Pay Review Body, in its report published today, says that morale generally appears to have fallen compared with previous years. The move from a campaign footing has actually increased issues like uncertainty, with some personnel still held at high readiness and so unable to take leave, or had it cancelled at short notice. Personnel felt that the "offer" had continued to decline, with many feeling "demotivated and not valued by their senior leadership or Government." One of the most powerful messages the AFPRB heard on visits was that personnel were losing trust in their employer.

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'Witch-hunt' now turning to British operations in Afghanistan

In the midst of the furore about the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) and a so-called "witch-hunt" against troops who served in Iraq, media are now reporting that hundreds of British troops who served in Afghanistan have been referred to investigation over "allegations of war crimes". In response, the British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF)  has negotiated free legal advice for any of its members approached by investigators in connection with allegations from either Iraq or Afghanistan.

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