Reserve Forces: Proposed changes to 'Employers Award' and 'Reservists Award' following mobilisation

When a member of the reserve forces is mobilised, they and their employer are entitled to claim financial assistance under regulations (SI 2005/859) for additional costs incurred in relation to mobilisation. The MoD has published, for consultation, proposals to improve arrangements for employers, and to reduce the maximum payable to reservists to make up their pay during mobilisation to the level of their civilian pay. The consultation runs from 18 November 2014 to 17 December 2014, and regulations will be updated as a result next year.

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French military to be allowed to form professional associations

French soldiers' rights campaigners have welcomed President François Hollande's announcement that they will be allowed to form professional associations, following two rulings in October by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). France has stopped short of allowing full-blown union rights.

"It's a great victory for us," Jacques Bessy, the president of the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Service Personnel (Adefdromil) told French broadcaster RFI after President Hollande's announcement.

"We have a very good relationship with BAFF, which is the British Armed Forces Federation," Bessy said on Friday. "And I know they are fighting for the recognition of this right and we hope that the example of France will be followed in UK."

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Review into women in ground combat roles published

The Ministry of Defence has published a tri-service review paper, led by the Chief of the General Staff, into women in ground close combat roles.

As predicted by BAFF, the review does raise the prospect of women being allowed to serve in such roles, defined as "those roles that are primarily intended and designed with the purpose of requiring individuals on the ground, to close with and kill the enemy".

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MoD announces preferred candidate to succeed Service Complaints Commissioner

The MoD has announced that Ms Nicola Williams, the current Complaints Commissioner for the Cayman Islands, has been selected as the government's preferred candidate to succeed Dr Susan Atkins in the post of Service Complaints Commissioner (SCC).

The role of the SCC was established by the Armed Forces Act 2006, as part of a service complaints system which came into effect from 1 January 2008.

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