BAFF welcomes British Army bid to recruit more Muslims

The British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) welcomes news that the army is exploring ways to recruit more Muslims. This will be an extension of well-established efforts to increase representation from minority British communities.

BAFF Chairman, Douglas Young, said that "This isn't, and mustn't ever become, about political correctness.

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French military to be allowed to form professional associations

French soldiers' rights campaigners have welcomed President François Hollande's announcement that they will be allowed to form professional associations, following two rulings in October by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). France has stopped short of allowing full-blown union rights.

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Afghanistan Parade - 13 March 2015 - call for AFG veterans

The National Service of Commemoration to mark the end of combat operations in Afghanistan will take place at St Paul's Cathedral, London on 13 March 2015, followed by a parade. Invitations for Armed Forces personnel and for the next of kin of deceased Service personnel are being issued via the single Services. There has been criticism of the fact that invitations are restricted to "NOK plus one".

A call is now going out through service associations for AFG veterans who might wish to march/wheelchair in Contingent 6, for those not invited to the service. Any BAFF members interested in taking part should contact their own regimental/corps/service association without delay, as time is short.

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Financial incentives for ex-Regulars joining the Army Reserve

As an ex-Regular joining the Army Reserve you can now get up to £10,000 on top of the tax-free bounty and your Army Reserve salary.

BAFF members who are currently serving should already be aware, but this may be of interest to some who left the Regular Army within the past six years. Details below. For more info and how to apply, visit this MoD Army webpage: The Army Reserve.

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