Nov 2016

22 - BAFF spokesman Adrian Weale was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland about the Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill, which is the suject of a report released today by the House of Commons Defence Committee, and is due to be debated in Parliament on Friday 25 Nov. Adrian was supportive of the proposed legislation.

Reports tonight (3 Oct) that the Government intends to derogate from the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) have been greeted with some relief, given the extent to which the rights conferred by the Convention now appear to have been abused.

"Derogation" would mean a limited opt out from specified parts of the Convention in respect of specified activities, such as an overseas operation. A "blanket" derogation from the whole of the Convention is not possible, therefore derogation would not eliminate the possibility of vexatious claims.

The announcement does not affect the ongoing IHAT and Northmoor inquiries.

Any full BAFF member approached by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), even if apparently as a potential witness, can now consult a solicitor absolutely free of charge. This is an extension of the 'pro bono' Court Martial representation scheme already available to BAFF members. UPDATE: After consultation with the legal firm concerned, this BAFF member offer also applies to inquiries arising from other operations, specifically those in Afghanistan.

BAFF already offers free basic professional legal advice for any BAFF full member approached by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) for an interview, even if apparently as a witness and not under caution. After consultation with the legal firm with whom we have this arrangement, BAFF is very pleased to confirm that this offer applies to all recent or current military operations, including the Op Northmoor inquiry (Afghanistan / Herrick).

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It must be for Servicemen themselves, if they so desire, to argue the case for an organisation to represent their collective concerns and to discuss what  the role of such an organisation might be, and how it might function. This is an issue which should be freely debated within the services.

Official Bett Report for MoD (1995)